Monday, 2 July 2012

La boheme,Take 2, 23rd July 2012

A bit back to front, and only a brief entry on this one, but on 23rd June I saw La boheme for the second time this season. The reason being, it was a special anniversary performance by one of opera's biggest couples: Angela Gheroghiu and Roberto Alagna who met in this very production some 20 years ago. They split a few years back, and this was the first time they'd sung together since then. I'm a big fan of Angela's, and despite her many critics I think she's got a stunning voice, and that really shone through in this performance. I'd never seen Roberto Alagna in anything before this, although i'd heard much about him (largely because he stormed of stage after being booed at La Scala, Milan, a few years back). He was delightful - really powerful singer and he was a good actor too in the part of Rodolfo. I love La boheme and I love a big performance at the Royal Opera House - there's always an extra air of excitement around for these occasions - a bit like the supersonic performances of Tosca last summer. This is what I enjoy about going to the opera, and this is the sort of opera I enjoy: A beautifully tuneful, compact Puccini with a great cast. Stuff Les Troyens, this was a major win for the 2011/12 season - indeed the highlight for me!

Rating: *****
Seat: V64, Upper Amphitheater,* (Worst seat I've ever had the the ROH - right at the very back crevices of the Amphitheater, with an unexpectedly restricted view due to a very tall man a few seats in front!)

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