Sunday, 22 April 2012

Ann Widdecombe goes to the opera...

...And seems to have been met with some shocking reviews. Poor Ann, I suspected this might happen. She's performing in Donizetti's La Fille du Regiment as the Duchesse de Crackentorp, a speaking part, last played by the great Dawn French. The Daily Telegraph described her cameo as 'mortifyingly inept' and The Guardian said her skills as a stage performer were simply 'nonexistant'. Apparently she didn't fall into the orchestra pit, but it was still 'an embarressment at every level.' The Independent was slightly less harsh and actually felt that Widdecombe's Parliamentary career should have prepared her well for what is essentially an pantomime dame role, as in Parliament 'pantomime behavior is the norm'. Anyway.....I'm yet to expereince Ann at Covent Garden. My chance comes on Wednesday this week, and I'll report back on my findings! For the record - My hopes aren't high. It'll take a lot for her to beat good old Dawn.

Reviews in full

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