Thursday, 23 February 2012

La nozze di Figaro, 20th February 2012 - Mozart redeemed!

I still don't like Don Giovanni, let's make that clear, but I was beginning to think I really didn't like any Mozart opera. Well Monday night changed all that when I went to see La nozze di Figaro. I thought this was wonderful! I love the music, the singing and even the story, which I found pretty entertaining (if on the utterly ridiculous side!).

I can't even begin to attempt a description of what La nozze di Figaro (The Marriage of Figaro for those of us not familiar with the Italian tongue) is actually about. There is a marriage in there though, or three to be exact. There is also a lot of trickery going on with boys dressings as girls and girls dressing as other girls etc. The frustration evident in some of the characters to understand what the hell is going on was at times felt by myself. But then I decided to give up and just enjoy the show, which was brilliant conducted by Sir Tony Pappano, who also played the harpsichord interludes as well - we all love a multi-tasker! The staging was lovely as well, very classic. I even felt the singing was up to scratch, despite some reviews that implied otherwise. 

The 3hrs 25mins running time cruised by nicely for me. i'm not sure the lady sat to my left felt the same way. She seemed very upset by the view from her seat as she wasn't able to see all the action. I don't want to point out the obvious here, but anything sold with a 'restricted view' warning tends to mean exactly that, a restricted view of the stage. I was actually accompanied by two good friends of mine of this occasion, the first time in awhile. I think both enjoyed it, they're both second timers now - the true test will be if they return for a third outing! all in all this was a great night, a great production and a great opera. In fact, I reckon it's a brilliant first opera option. Mozart - harmony between you and I has been restored. Good job buddy, good job!

Rating: ****
Seat: A24, Amphitheater Lower Slips Left, £28 *** (Ok view, but can do better for £28. Requires full time leaning!)

Next Opera: Rusalka, 1st March

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