Saturday, 24 September 2011

Selling your soul to the devil in exchange for eternal youth? It's Faust this week at Covent Garden!

Selling your soul to a demon in exchange for eternal youth is never a great idea and is nearly always destined to end in disaster (look at what happened to Meryl Street and Goldie Hawn in Death Becomes Her for example). That's what the next instalment in my year of opera, Faust, is all about, and it would seem that Wednesday's production promises the put the 'grand' in grand opera according to the ROH. We shall see, but with a star cast, a soldiers' chorus and even a ballet included, it sounds promising. Below are a few reviews of this season's revival of David McVicar's production. Stay tuned here for my own thoughts, or even better tune into BBC Radio 3 this evening to hear a live broadcast from Covent Garden, or drop into your local cinema on Wednesday for a live screening!

Faust - Broadcast live on BBC Radio 3 from Covent Garden, 24/09/2011, 18:45:

Faust - Broadcast live to cinemas across the UK and the world, 28/09/2011, 18:45, as part of the Royal Opera's cinema season:

Reviews of the latest revival of David McVicar's production:

The Guardian:

The Independent:

The Daily Telegraph:

The Evening Standard:

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  1. Major Doctor Who clash! (Sad, I know) will it be on iplayer?